Mosaic’s August Construction Update

Brendan Dale
Brendan Dale

Mosaic Construction have had a busy month making progress across all of our sites. Fortunately, the weather has been been working in our favour, and our projects have been able to hit some key milestones, with practical completion coming up for some.

Highbury – Upper Kedron

Despite a couple of rain delays, civil works at Highbury have been completed, along with the final lot pegging and the final survey, so we expect the Civil Contractor to be off site by the end of August.

Titles should be registered in the second half of September 2018, with settlements in October allowing Mosaic Construction to begin construction works.

Elm by Mosaic – Ormeau

With bulk earthworks completed, the installation of sewerage, stormwater drainage and water reticulation piping could commence. Energex approval was secured and the first layer of road pavement laid, with construction of all internal road ways due to be completed in September 2018.

Civil works are set to be completed in October 2018, with titles to be registered in mid-December.

Drift by Mosaic – Coolum

With works at Drift still very much at the early excavation level, it may seem as if not much progress is happening. However, “from little things, big things grow”, or in this case, from a hole in the ground, a beautiful building will grow.

Excavation down to basement levels has been completed, and the crane erected. In-ground services commenced to the eastern side of the site as well as detailed excavation and footings.

drift crane coolum

Excavation is a slow process, but we’ve made some exciting progress with the installation of our crane!

Solis by Mosaic – Kings Beach

Our Kings Beach project is powering towards its October 2018 completion.

Once the construction of the Level 8 roof is completed, blockwork is set to commence. The sheeting of apartment walls is up to Level 6, while joinery is being fitted to the lower levels.

Blockwork is being completed at Solis, and it all looks pretty good from up here!

Silvergum by Mosaic – Everton Park

Work at Silvergum is also ramping up for its October 2018 completion.

Final frames were completed for town houses 1 & 2, while kitchens are coming alive as joinery and benchtops are fitted to town houses 5 to 16.

With the re-grade works now completed on South Pine Road, this delightful project is almost ready for its new owners.

progress road silvergum august

Re-grade works outside Silvergum to ensure everything is in order for our October completion.

Lure by Mosaic – Newport

Another stunning Mosaic project draws to a close, with all homes in Precinct 4 now handed over and those in Precinct 3 reaching Practical Completion over the past month and currently going through the final stages of defect examination and correction. Handovers on these properties should take place in the coming fortnight.

Lure External

Precinct 2 is also well into the final stages, with Practical Completion expected around mid-September.

Enclave by Mosaic – Bridgeman Downs

With the three remaining houses in this exciting project due for Practical Completion within the next month, this will be our final update for Enclave. The final product has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to bringing more of these outstanding housing options to the market.

Enclave external

We’re excited to complete Enclave as happy new families move in.

Take a look at our Construction Update Videos to stay up to date on how our projects are progressing, and to see what Mosaic Construction have planned next.