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Queensland Building & Construction Compliance – What You Need to Know

Mosaic Property
Mosaic Property

Following significant incidents in NSW, the State's Building Commission recently launched a stringent rating system for apartment developers to return confidence to the sector. How does Queensland stand apart from its southern neighbour when it comes to quality assurance?

Significant incidents in NSW such as the evacuation of the 36-level Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park due to structural concerns, and of 30 apartments in Sydney’s Zetland after severe defects were found, have led to the State’s Building Commission launching a stringent rating system for apartment developers to return confidence to the sector.

Mosaic is a great supporter of such actions that seek to separate rogue developers from reputable players who pride themselves on quality. As a business, we take our duty of care to deliver premium properties that stand the test of time exceptionally seriously.

When it comes to building compliance and safety, each state has its own regulatory system. Luckily, Queensland stands apart from its interstate neighbour. Licenced builders must adhere to a robust compliance framework at all times or face having their licence suspended or revoked.

Here are some key insights into what this framework looks like, and what it means for purchasers and owners:

  • Queensland’s construction sector is heavily regulated, with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) mandating that all commercial builders (which includes residential apartments) be licensed and qualified. This is unlike New South Wales, where previously a license was not required. 
  • The QBCC conducts regular audits to ensure any lapses in building and construction compliance are dealt with immediately and Queenslanders’ safety protected. Further, the Government has enabled a Board of Engineers and Architects to conduct investigations into professional conduct and submit regular reports.
  • Queensland is currently the only Australian jurisdiction with a comprehensive registration system for engineers. To provide professional services, they must be a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).
  • The Queensland Building Plan (QBP) was introduced in 2017, following a comprehensive review of the sector’s regulatory system. This has led to an even greater tightening of existing regulations and the introduction of key reforms, including the compliance and independence of certifiers in Queensland.
  • Cladding regulation has also been tightened up, with the Building Regulation Act 2006 amended to state that building owners must register their building and comply with the combustible cladding checklist. Official certification is also a necessity to prove the cladding used is indeed classed as fire-safe.

Mosaic’s Enduring Commitment to Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest quality of finished product and to deliver enduring value to our customers, Mosaic established Mosaic Construction to build our projects. 

Mosaic may also selectively partner with other industry-leading builders if we believe such a partnership can achieve better outcomes on specific Mosaic projects.

Regardless, the same approach to quality remains the same. Acute attention to design and engineering, selecting the best consultants, a highly diligent approach to construction management ensures Mosaic product meets the highest Australian standards. Demonstrating this commitment, Mosaic Construction welcomes the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to conduct regular audits of our construction sites.

Striving to improve our Quality Assurance processes continuously, Mosaic’s Development team has also implemented a system of formal peer review for our structural engineers.

Finally, Mosaic stands behind what it builds by retaining the caretaking and management rights of our buildings for at least 25 years post-completion. We have a vested interest in ensuring the quality of properties is second to none. 

So when you buy Mosaic, you can take heart in knowing that we always put the quality of our product, and therefore you, first. We are with you for the life of your investment. 

Why Choose Mosaic?

Recognition – Mosaic is one of Queensland’s most awarded private property developers, recognised by multiple, highly regarded industry bodies for design, quality and liveability.

Track Record – Mosaic has successfully delivered more than 49 projects in SEQ in the past six years alone. Not once has it failed to deliver a project.

Quality – Mosaic designs with the owner-occupier in mind, with bigger, functional apartments, that showcase high-quality fixtures and fittings.

Enduring Value – Mosaic delivers every stage of the project from research and acquisition through marketing and sales, to construction, property management and maintenance. We are with you for the life of the building.

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