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Why we’re excited about the Gold Coast

Anthony Hancock
Anthony Hancock

You may remember a time when the Gold Coast was a regional area – famous for beach holidays with the family; sun, surf and sand. Well the Gold Coast of 2019 is a very different story...

Still featuring some of the world’s best beaches, the Gold Coast now acts much like a major capital city while offering considerably better affordability, demonstrating significantly stronger market fundamentals and providing greater investment returns.

The sixth largest significant urban area in Australia, the Gold Coast boasts Queensland’s second highest and fastest growing level of economic output in the nation. This economic stability is a key fundamental that stems from high levels of public and private investment which are essential to achieving sustained growth over a longer-term period.

This blog offers a sneak peek into insights we’ve gained from our comprehensive in-house market research, so you can understand for yourself why we’re so excited about the Gold Coast right now…

What the research says…

Growing population & employment growth

The Gold Coast is the 6th largest Significant Urban Area in Australia, having recently experienced higher population growth than all capital cities with the exception of Melbourne which it trails by only 0.1%. This population growth is partly due to solid, progressive employment growth of 23% during the past five years to 2019.

Low vacancy rates & high yields

Consistently low vacancy averaging 1.9% over the past five years to 2019 is substantially below that of Sydney which has progressively increased since May 2017, rising to 3.2% as at January 2019. While apartment rental yields were at 5.3% as at January 2019, significantly higher than those being achieve in Sydney and Melbourne which have fallen to record lows of 3.8% and 3.9% respectively.

Strong economy & infrastructure

The region boasts an economy worth $35.24 billion, having grown by around 29% in seven years and 11.5% in the previous two. With a strong pipeline of infrastructure investment in excess of $25 billion including transport, healthcare and entertainment precincts, the Gold Coast is set to continue on it’s strong upward trajectory.

The lifestyle factor

Another aspect central to the Gold Coast’s appeal is its obvious lifestyle factor. Gorgeous beaches, natural attractions, world-renowned amusement parks, other leisure and entertainment options, plus fine dining and luxury shopping are all available.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to invest in a growth region with all the fundamentals in place for strong investment opportunities.