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The Explainer: Stairwells before slabs in Brisbane development

Mosaic Property
Mosaic Property

The Explainer 4BC Radio – 14/3/2021 Mosaic Property Group's Senior Project Manager, Matt Abel joins Spencer Hawson on The Explainer 4BC radio to discuss the core construction at The Sinclair.


Today in The Explainer — what’s going on with that apartment block development on Wellington Road, East Brisbane.. just near the Shaftston Hotel?

If you’ve driven past over the past couple of weeks you’ll have noticed that the liftshafts and stairwells are in place…. but that’s all…

They look like mini high-rises made of concrete – with floor numbers on the outside.

Now, this is not a conventional way of constructing an apartment block, so what are we witnessing here?

Matt Abel is Senior Project Manager with Mosaic Property Group, and he joins us now to explain.

The Explainer 4BC Radio – 14/3/2021

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